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Sober Interventions


Helping someone get sober and give up alcohol for good often means working with their family first – according to John from Sober Services. Click here to listen to John’s interview Ian Young and Sober Services are the only providers of Sober Interventions who only get paid on results, not time. This means that when…

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Treatment Advisory Service


Another feature in the Sober Services portfolio is our ability to step in and offer independent and unbiased help choosing which residential rehabilitation centers or detoxification clinics are the most appropriate for you based upon your individual requirements. We will assess your specific situation and make a recommendation based upon your particular circumstances, drink or…

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Sober Companions


“Going to any lengths to guarantee you remain sober and drug free – no matter what!” Sober Services are proud to be the first UK based organisation offering the opportunity for you to hire a Sober Companion or a Sober Body-Guide, for a day, a week, or for as long as it takes. The difference…

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Sober Transportation


Sober Services are pioneers of Sober Transportation since 2008 in the UK and Europe. We are the only UK based company that has been established by professional full time Sober Companions and Body-Guides, many of whom are active 12-step members, trained to deliver clients pre, post and during treatment to their destinations, with the knowledge…

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Sober Coaching One-On-One


Life Coaching has really taken off in the UK and Europe as an extremely popular alternative to Therapy and Counselling. Sober Services were the first company to offer Sober Coaching as our niche! Since 2008 in fact we’ve been working with clients in this with to bring about permanent behavioural change, free from any problems associated…

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Sober Coaching Home Study


Our Home Study Kit Will Work For You 100% Guaranteed, If You Follow Every Guideline. Try to keep an open mind on the subject and take the leap of faith required to make the right move. The Team at Sober Services have the unique view that all their staff were previously Alcoholics and Addicts with…

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Stage1 Recovery Coaching for Young Adults and under 18s.


We frequently receive requests (usually from parents) for help on behalf of someone (often their child) who simply does not have the any sense of  urgency to stop their addictive behaviours yet, often through denial, lack of consequences or they’re simply just starting out on their journey into addiction and enjoying it still, for instance…

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Sober Through-Care


Due to a great deal of clients requesting something more substantial from us in an on-going service, we devised our own Sober Through-care, since we saw clearly the importance of such a supportive structural opportunity for our client’s sobriety. Based upon the American model known as “continuum of care”, this form of specialized on-going support…

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Home Detox


Home Detox is not for everybody; but it is for those who desire a private, more comfortable and completely convenient detoxification. This is a specialized service which is most suitable for our clients who prefer to remain at home and maintain absolute confidentiality during their detox, or who wish to follow a private maintenance programme.…

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Rehab at Home


Rehab at Home: For some of our clients, a stay at a residential rehab or detoxification unit is very difficult – and in some cases impossible, due to onerous work or family commitments. For these clients we have a very special service, “Rehab at Home”. This service allows us to provide for detoxification and the…

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Self Assessment

It’s Not About Me

Home Study

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